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Week of December 5, 2021

"Something's Up"

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  1. Traditional Advent Themes:

    1. First Sunday of Advent; Hope

    2. Second Sunday of Advent: Faith

    3. Third Sunday of Advent: Joy

    4. Fourth Sunday of Advent: Peace

    5. Christmas Eve: Purity

1.  Introduction ~ when I look @ what our culture has done… 
2.  Context ~ Luke opens in 3 sections: 1st is Luke 2:1–5 2nd is Luke 2:6-7  
     2.1.  finally a pastoral scene Luke 2:8–15 which we won’t get to today
     2.2.  Luke’s record of Jesus’ birth is a fulfillment of prophesy Luke 2:11 
             2.2.1.  this is the long-awaited fulfillment of Isa 9:6 
3.  The Incarnation ~ is a mystery John 1:1-5 & John 1:14  Luke 2:4-7 
     3.1.  Bethlehem is wildly important as it is the fulfillment of Micah 5:2 
4.  History ~ brings some challenges to Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth
     4.1.  all of the details result in prophetic fulfillment given in Luke 2:1-3 
5.  God is Sovereign ~ & all the events that transpire are by His will
6.  The House of David ~ is key to the point Luke is making 
     6.1.  this was required of the Messiah Isa 9:7  Luke 1:32 
7.  The Birth ~ I doubt you could make briefer statement Luke 2:7 
8.  The King ~ is born into strange circumstances Luke 2:7  Luke 1:31-33
9.  What Was Required ~ set the stage for something amazing
     9.1.  in all these details there is a point; Jesus was born to die Isa 53:10 
             9.1.1.  salvation is made possible through Jesus’ birth Luke 2:6 
10.  Hope ~ Isa 11:10 Jesus brings hope for the future Col 1:27 
      10.1.  “hope” (ἐλπίς) [èl pĭʹs] is based on God’s faithfulness Rom 8:28-30 
11.  Application ~ our hope is not based on current circumstances
      11.1  Christian hope is founded on God & His nature Rom 8:24-25 
      11.2.  w/this perspective we see the end times as more than “the end” 
      11.3.  this should lead Christians to live differently Rom 12:10-13 
      11.4.  this hope & expectation changes how we see reality 
              11.4.1.  we can see the worst the fallen world can produce
              11.4.2.  we see it through eyes of hope knowing God is in control
                  this is true regardless of our circumstances 
For Contemplation:
How sure is the foundation of my hope?  Is it in God… or something else?
Sermon Emphasis:
Jesus, as God Incarnate, brings the only true hope that we have.
For Prayer:
Father, may by hope be founded on You alone, and because of this may my heart be changed.