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1. The Advent of Jesus

   1.1. The Pre-Existent Son – Phil 2:6

   1.2. The Incarnation – Phil 2:7

   1.3. A Human Life – Phil 2:8

   1.4. Obedience – Phil 2:8 

   1.5. The Babe Exalted – Phil 2:9-10

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The Advent of Jesus

Philippians 2:5-11

Sermon Outline:

1.  Introduction ~ Christianity is not really a children’s holiday 

2.  Context ~ do we understand the implications of Christmas?

     2.1.  the wonder of God’s love for us is on display Phil 2:5-11 

     2.2.  the objective is a right attitude 1st modeled by Jesus Phil 2:5  

             2.2.1.  this fleshes out what we’re told in Luke 2:6-7 

3.  Background ~ the truth is we easily fail to remember who Jesus is

     3.1.  It all starts w/an early creedal hymn @ vs 6 Phil 2:6 

4.  Preexistence ~ of the Christ is clearly taught John 17:5  John 1:1-3 

     3.1.  the hymn in our text cryptically points to this Phil 2:6 

5.  Form ~ (μορφή) [mŏr phāʹ] has no definitive meaning

     5.1.  in context of the divine, there is no observable form Deut 4:15-19 

            5.1.1.  contrasts help “form of God” vs “form of a slave” Phil 2:7 

     5.2.  His “form” must refer to His fundamental nature Heb 1:3a

     5.3.  this includes His “Shechinah” (כְּבוֹד֙) [kĕb vōd] from Ezek 43:2 

6.  Jesus ~ is described as eternally begotten of the Father John 3:16

     6.1.  He is able to perfectly reveal the Father Col 1:15-17 

7.  The Purpose ~ is multifaceted starting with humility Phil 2:8 

     7.1.  fully equal to the Father, He shares the same essence John 10:30 

            7.1.1.  we easily miss the significance of this 2 Cor 5:17  

8.  Why it Matters ~ His preexistence reveals the power of Matt 27:46 

     8.1.  as God, submission to the Father was an act of love John 3:16-17 

            8.1.1.  if Jesus were not fully God…

9.  Application ~ during the Christmas season it is easy to get too busy

     9.1.  this series is intended to provide topics worthy of your time

     9.2.  what is it that deserves our attention? the Christ & all He is

     9.3.  the example we’re to follow? well, it is Jesus Himself Isaiah 7:14 

             9.3.1.  that knowledge should drive a reevaluation of our…

               relationship with Jesus


For Contemplation:

Does the reality of Jesus’ true nature guide my choices and actions now?


Homiletical Idea:

The price for my redemption was larger than I understood.


For Prayer:

Father, grant me a sense of the true majesty of my Savior.

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