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Sermon Title: Define "Soon"
Revelation 22:6-21
by Pastor John Martin
July 25, 2021

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1.  Introduction (1:1-8)
2. Christ the Royal Priest (1:9-20)
3. Messages to Churches (2:1-3:22)
4. The Heavenly Court (4:1-5:14)
Tribulation Plagues (6:1-16:21)
6. The Return of Christ (17:1-19:21)

7. The Kingdom (20:1-22:5)
8. Conclusion (22:6-21)

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1.  Introduction ~ Jesus Christ says He’s coming soon Rev 22:7  
     1.1.  as always, we think about this in context Rev 22:7-21
2.  Context ~ the conclusion parallels the introduction Rev 1:1-3 
3.  Coming Quickly ~ & what that means will keep coming up Rev 22:7 
     3.1.  “quickly” (ταχύς) an adverb telling us about “coming” (ἔρχομαι)
     3.2.  ἔρχομαι) means to come, as in from one place to another 
     3.3.  “quickly” (ταχύς) means quickly, speedily, or without delay
4.  The Prophetic Voice ~ ALWAYS sees the event as immanent
5.  Grammatik Considerations ~ “quickly” (ταχύς) also means suddenly 
     5.1.  this means Jesus’ coming will be instantly as in Rev 16:15 
             5.1.1.  it does not seem to fit the context of passage Rev 22:6-7 
6.  How Many “Comings”? ~ look @ Rev 22:7 what doesn’t it say?
     6.1.  John was writing to a specific group of people Rev 1:17-20 
     6.2.  Jesus came as Savior & promised to return John 14:3   
     6.3.  it can be argued Jesus came many times in the Old Testament 
     6.4.  there are also “comings” in the New Testament John 14:18-19 
             6.4.1.  1 Cor 15:5-8 but also many other references
7.  Other Comings ~ can reasonably be found Mark 13:1-2 
     7.1.  this was introduced by a question from the disciples Matt 24:3 
     7.2.  yet there is climactic coming we still wait for Matt 24:21-22 
8.  Why It Matters ~ are the Scriptures inspired, or not?
     8.1.  Jesus lays it all on the table Rev 22:20 
9.  Application ~ “Can we trust the Scriptures? It depends!”
     9.1.  are you reading them consistent with their genre and context? 
             9.1.1.  are you ready to submit to what they say?
For Contemplation:
Does my life reflect submission to the Word of God?
Homiletical Idea:
I will continue to wait in faith, whether I understand or not.
For Prayer:
Lord grant me insight to what your Word says and means.