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What’s hiding under the green slimy surface of that murky water?  Personally, I think swamps are kind of creepy.  Under that water you will find alligators, water moccasins, pythons, leeches, none of which are good for your health.  I know we don’t realistically need to worry about the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but that’s always lurking in the back of my thoughts too! ☺

If you look carefully, you might even notice Kermit the Frog near the center of the picture in the area where the glare is.  See?  He even seems to be waving!

You know, swamps aren’t the only place where hazards can be hidden just beneath the surface.  In fact, we’re surrounded by a very real spirit world populated by beings intent on devouring us.  Demons are real, Satan is real, and they actively fight against us.  They seek to attack from hiding and drag us down.  They control the present world order we live in, and we all too often cooperate with them.

How do we protect ourselves?  Frankly, left to our own resources, we’re just fish-bate.  Happily, for the Christian, we’re not left to our own resources.  We have the Spirit of God, and we’re told to walk in Him rather than walk according to the ways of the world.  He guides us as we interact with Him, that is, as we pray without ceasing.

He protects us as we commune with Him, but He does more than just protect us.  He actually makes us the aggressor in spiritual warfare.  The church is not supposed to be on the defensive, we’re supposed to be on the offensive; not being a captive, but taking captives for Jesus.

How does all that happen?  I’m kind of a simple thinker.  It’s not complicated, or I’d get it wrong.  It happens as we talk with God, as we seek His guidance and His power.  It happens as we… you guessed it, as we pray!


Prayer Requests For The Week Of April 5, 2020

  • Pray for the unspoken prayer requests within our church family. 

  • Pray for the impact the coronavirus is having on people’s health, income, and access to necessities.

  • Pray for our nation as we face a situation that is new to us, asking that God would use this to turn us as a nation back to Him.

  • Pray that the elders will be wise as they seek to guide the church through these times.

  • Ask the Lord to show us what He wants from us during this time.

  • Pray for Lizzie Chapman as she prepares for a mission trip to Poland with Teen Missions.

  • Pray for our government leaders; including city, county, state, and national officials.  Pray for national repentance and revival.

  • Health Concerns:

  • Pray for Dana Chapman and her family as they deal with her diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

  • Pray for Roy Byykkonen as he struggles emotionally.

  • Elberta Johnson requests prayers for the healing of her eyes.

  • Pray for Hilda Compton dealing with cancer.

  • John Wilkinson requests prayers for his father who has been diagnosed with cancer.

  • Roy Byykkonen requests prayer his sister Mary with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, & not a believer.

  • Pray for Elliot Funkhouser, now in hospice care.

  • Lynn Powers requests continued prayer for her brother Dave for salvation & cancer treatments. 

  • Rob and Tricia Briscoe request continued prayer for salvation for their son with inoperable stage-4 cancer.

  • Missions Prayer NeedsPray for Centro Cristiano Cultural de Guatemala (CCCG) as they serve Guatemala in Jesus’ name.  

  • Especially pray that Pastor David’s visit to the US as the coronavirus impacts their travels.

  • The Howes’ request prayer as they prepare to travel to the US on furlough, pray they will sense God’s guidance.

  • Pray for the Bamfords as they serve as missionaries and Bible translators in a remote village in the Philippines.

  • Pray for our Frontiers missionaries working in Muslin countries. 

  • FEBC requests prayer for their new radio station in Pakistan to be effective in spreading the Gospel.

  • Pray for our InFaith missionaries, Larry & Vonnie Pratt.

  • Pray for Amy Brock-Divine, planting Christian schools in Thailand.

  • Pray for Christians in Yemen where civil war has created a humanitarian crisis with 15M people at risk of starvation.

  • Pray for peace for the nation of Israel.