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I suppose you’ve experienced this, I know I have: something looks like a good idea, it looks like it could be fun, and before you know it you’re getting smacked upside the head!  

The Christian life is often like that, but the stakes can be higher.  We may read something that seems smart, it may be something that’s trending in the Christian culture.  We figure, “That looks like a good idea!” and before you know it you find out it‘s a very bad idea that’s been packaged invitingly.  

How do we discern which is which?  Well, we have the Scriptures of course.  But we also have access to the wisdom of God, which He freely offers to those who ask; James 1:5 ~ 

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him

So, how do we gain this wisdom?  We ask God for it.  That’s called prayer, and it is a very good idea.  Sometimes God directly intervenes to protect us, but it’s been my experience that, more often than not, He asks me to exercise wisdom.  When I fail to do so, more often than not, He allows me to learn from the consequences of a dumb decision.

So how are you doing?  Are you in conversation with God?  If there was ever a time when we need wisdom, that time is now.  Will we respond in fear, or will we respond in faith?  That… requires wisdom.


Prayer Requests For The Week Of  September 27, 2020

  • Pray for the unspoken prayer requests within our church family. 

  • Ask God to raise up an army of prayer warriors in our church.

  • Pray for a permanent living situation for Chris Bridges.

  • Pray for our local teachers and student as they deal with the limitations compliance with Covid-19 is placing on them.

  • Pray for Christie Johnson and our teens as Thrive resumes.

  • Bill and Terri Valley request prayer against spiritual attack, as well as for prayer partners, as they reach out to Mormons.

  • Bill Valley requests prayers for prisoners isolated by Covid-19.

  • Pray for national repentance in our country, and for spiritual revival for the US Church.

  • Pray for God’s will to be accomplished in the upcoming elections.

Health Concerns:

  • Pray for Dana Chapman with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  • Michelle Mott requests prayer for her brother, diagnosed with leukemia.

  • Debbie Lee requests prayer for her sister Sandy with pancreatic cancer.

  • Elberta Johnson requests prayer for her daughter, Linda Bob, who is now recovering from a stroke.

  • John Wilkinson requests prayers for his father who has a cancer that continues to spread.

  • Whickey Conway-Larson requests prayers for Bobby Childs as she prepares for surgery on 9/29.

  • Roy Byykkonen requests prayer his sister Mary with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, & not a believer.

  • Rob and Tricia Briscoe request continued prayer for salvation for their son with stage-4 cancer.

  • Pray for Roy & Laura Howard as they have now begun the stem-cell transplant process for Laura.

Missions Prayer Needs

  • Pray for Centro Cristiano Cultural de Guatemala (CCCG) as they serve Guatemala in Jesus’ name.  

  • Pray for the Howes serving in the Amazon Basin but now home on furlough.

  • Pray for the Bamfords serving as missionaries and Bible translators in a remote village in the Philippines.

  • Pray for our Frontiers missionaries in Muslin countries, now home on furlough.  

  • FEBC requests prayer for continued opportunities to use social media to evangelize Russia.

  • Pray for our InFaith missionaries, Larry & Vonnie Pratt as they seek the Lord’s will in the pandemic.

  • Pray for Amy Brock-Divine, planting Christian schools in Thailand.

Pray for Christians in Myanmar where ethnic Buddhists severely persecute Christians in particular, but also all other faiths.

Pray for peace for the nation of Israel and salvation for its people.