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Week Of January 17, 2021

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One of the things I particularly liked about this picture is that it’s taken in the Spring; things are warming up and coming alive, and my winter allergies will be going away.  But I also like the rugged terrain showcasing the beauty of the world God has created.  It reveals, in physical terms, the glory of God.  Romans 1:20 tells us ~ 

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse

Every once in a while I will hear someone worry that the Church will simply cease to exist and that there will be no more witnesses to the love of God.  I seriously doubt that.  Firstly, the Church will only cease to be when God decides our job is done.  But secondly, even if every Christian were to vanish from the planet, God would not be left without a witness.  All that He’s created screams out that there is a good and wise Creator.


As we come to understand the nature of our God, we discover that we desire to know Him… that is, to speak to Him and to hear from Him.  That activity is called prayer.  It’s hardwired into our brains, we were created to be in fellowship with our Creator.


If you’re not in regular fellowship with your God, now is a very good time to change that.  Decide, right now, that you will spend time with Him every day, and then act on that decision.  Form a new habit, get into the habit of chatting with God.


Prayer Requests For The Week Of  January 17, 2021

  • Pray for the unspoken prayer requests within our church family. 

  • Pray that our nation will honor the lives of the most vulnerable, the preborn, the ill, and the aged: all human life is sacred.

  • Pray for the revival of Christ’s Church, may revival come to us personally, congregationally, and nationally.

  • Pray for our state and national leaders, and check your heart; are you praying for your leaders, even if they weren’t your choice?

  • Health Concerns:

  • Pray for Dana Chapman with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  • Diana and Leon Harmon request prayers for their son and daughter in law, both sick with the Covid-19 virus.

  • Andrea Thompson requests prayers for her son, Tristan, who has come down with the Covid-19 virus.

  • Debbie Lee requests prayer for her sister Sandy with pancreatic cancer.

  • Paul Pray Holden requests prayer for a friend’s mother who has had a stroke.

  • Pray for a speedy recovery for Aaron Freeman following double hernia surgery

  • John Wilkinson requests prayers for his father who has a cancer that continues to spread.

  • Jackie Nelson requests prayers for her son, Glen, who has contracted the Covid-19 virus.

  • Roy Byykkonen requests prayer his sister Mary with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, & not a believer.

  • Tricia Briscoe requests prayer for their son’s salvation.

  • Whickey Conway-Larson requests prayers for her nice, Kimberly, diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Pray for Roy & Laura Howard as the stem-cell transplant process begins this week.

  • Missions Prayer Needs

  • Pray for Centro Cristiano Cultural de Guatemala (CCCG) as they serve Guatemala in Jesus’ name.  

  • Pray for the Howes serving in the Amazon Basin but now home on furlough.

  • Pray for the Bamfords serving as missionaries in the Philippines, now home on furlough.  

  • Pray for our Frontiers missionaries in Muslin countries, now home on furlough.  

  • FEBC requests prayer for their Ukrainian team as they follow up on requests for more information about Jesus.

  • Pray for our InFaith missionaries, Larry & Vonnie Pratt as they seek the Lord’s will in the pandemic.

  • Pray for Amy Brock-Divine, planting Christian schools in Thailand.

  • Pray for Christians in Tajikistan where systematic oppression of Christians from all aspects of their society is the norm.

  • Pray for peace for the nation of Israel and salvation for its people.