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Nursery Care


Our Nursery is available throughout the service and is open to all children ages 0 through 3.  Ages 4 through 11 should accompany their parents into the sanctuary for worship time (singing), and will be released to Kid’s Church at the start of the teaching time. 

Nursery = 0 through Age 3 - We offer a nursery for babies through age 3 for all church wide events. Nursing moms are welcome to use our nursery room to feed your baby. If you need another location, please ask an attendant in the nursery for assistance.

What about Child Security? 

We take child security seriously. A thorough background investigation has been conducted on every person working with your children. If you have any concerns, please direct them to a greeter in the lobby. We want you and your children to feel safe and secure in our building. 

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