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Missions supported by Bridge Community Church

Jeff & Adrianna Howe
C.P. 101
Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre
69980-000 Brazil

Jeff and Adrianna Howe are serving with New Tribes Mission in Brazil.  Jeff is the son of Duane and Nadine Howe who are also missionaries in Brazil..  Jeff and Adrianna have three children, Sheldon -8yrs., Janelle- 5, and Brayden- 3yrs.   They work among the Culina Madiha people of western Brazil, with the goal of seeing His church planted among them. The Howes' are working toward better fluency in the the Culina language as they learn more about their language and culture. Their goal is to more affectively communicate Bible teaching.  Their day to day activities include, Bible teaching, helping with medical emergencies, and transporting Madirra patients by boat to the Hospital in the nearest town which is 9 hours away. From time to time the infirmary is their complete responsibility when the Madirra health agents are away.

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Jonathan & Heidi Bamford
P.O. Box M-049
Mandaluyong City

Jon and Heidi work with New Tribes Mission in the Philippines.  Their responsibility is to translate the Bible to the Isnig  language.  Among other duties, they also help new missionaries in the field.  For more information, visit

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John & Maryann Pais
100 W Buckpraire Rd 
Elma, WA 98541

John & Maryann are missionaries in the Matlock / Elma area of Washington. John is the Area Missionary for InFaith, an American Mission.  He helps other missionaries in the area and has ministries with local Indian tribes. He is also the Camp Director of Olympic Bible Camp.

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Care Net Pregnancy Center 
P.O. Box 1581
2233 Jefferson Street
Shelton, WA 98584

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Far East Broadcasting

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Centro Cristiano Cultural De Guatemala

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Frontiers Missionaries working in the Arab World

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Larry & Vonnie Prat with In-Faith, Working in the Pacific Northwest in puppet ministries

Larry & Vonnie Prat with In-Faith, Working in the Pacific Northwest in puppet ministries

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Rachel Faust, teaching missionary to the Navajo Nation.

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