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Prayer Requests

Week of  June 16, 2024

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  • Pray for the many unspoken prayer requests in our Church family.

  • Pray for David Miller as he leads our Youth & Children’s Ministries.

    • Pray for protection & salvation for our children & youth.

    • Pray for Kid’s Camp (VBS) June 24-28.

    • Pray for the inter-church youth outreach on August 24th.

  • Pray for an end to the wars in both Ukraine and Israel.

  • Pray for the persecuted Church to remain strong and faithful to their calling to be witnesses to Jesus and the salvation He brings.

  • Pray for revival for the Church in North America.

  • Pray for the pastoral search committee, & for our next pastor.

  • Pray for the Lord’s will to be accomplished in the upcoming presidential elections.

  • Pray for the Lord to guide our elected leaders.

Health Concerns

  • Jim Christie requests prayer for multiple health challenges.

  • Pray for Rick Lee’s father and mother as they deal with dementia and other health challenges.

  • Hold Rick Mathews up in prayer as he struggles with health issues.

  • John Martin requests prayer for Cindy Martin as she recovers from hip replacement surgery.

  • Nadine McGilvrey requests prayer for her brother-in-law, Robert, diagnosed with cancer.

  • Biobby Theriot requests prayer for a speedy healing for wounds on her hand that Violet received from a cat.

  • Pray for Nikki Radtke suffering from advanced cancer.

  • Rob and Julie Henderson request prayer for their nephew, Mike Jack, continuing to suffer from stage 4 cancer and in great pain.

Missions Prayer Needs

  • Pray for Centro Cristiano Cultural de Guatemala (CCCG).  

  • Pray for the Howe family in the Amazon Basin of Brazil.  

  • Pray for the Bamfords, missionaries in the Philippines working in the village of Maraqat w/ the Isnag people in Bible translation.  

  • Pray for our Frontiers missionaries, working on evangelism and discipleship in Muslim countries.  

  • FEBC is requesting prayer for successful partnering with indigenous churches in the areas FEBC ministers to.

  • Pray for our InFaith missionaries, Larry & Vonnie Pratt as they serve the Lord through their puppet ministry.

  • Pray for Megan and Trevor James, missionaries with CRU evangelizing & discipling on the EWU campus.

  • Pray for Rachel Faust, as she is home for the summer after teaching at Immanuel Mission to the Navajo in northern Arizona.

  • Pray for the Trust Jesus evangelistic outreach ministry.

  • Pray for the remnant of the Christian community in Iraq where 75% of the Christians have fled the country and not returned.

  • Pray for the salvation of God’s people in Israel.

  • Pray for the remnant of the Christian community in Iraq where 75% of the Christians have fled the country and not returned.

  • Pray for the salvation of God’s people in Israel.

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Bulletin Insert

Week of June 16, 2024

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I wonder, sometimes… does my life really reflect who I am in Jesus?  Or… do my priorities, my attitudes, and my actions reflect the reality that I’m actually living based on my animal nature, my fallen nature (if we’re going to get all “churchy” about it!) rather than living according to who I am in Christ?

This is more than an academic question.  If I claim to follow Jesus, then His word indicates that I am much more than a highly evolved ape.  Physically there will be similarities, God designed both of our bodies to live in similar environments.  But I have something that no animal has, my life is founded on the “breath” of God, I am created in His image, and that image is being restored in an ever increasing way.

This realization should result in my seeking to live in the reality of who I am, it should result in the regular and consistent practice of the Spiritual Disciplines.  It should result in a life that, at every step, every crossroad, every uttered word, every thought pursued, will be undertaken while consciously looking to my Lord.  I will be actively living in Him with His life living through me.

Now, as holy and spiritual as all of this sounds, there’s still the nuts and bolts of walking with Jesus.  This requires that I cultivate the habit of praying without ceasing, it requires that I be in conversation with my God.  And… when I realize that I’ve stopped doing this, I will consciously check myself and reengage in prayer once again.

This practice takes practice.  It takes self-discipline.  It requires my best efforts to train myself in godliness.  But if you think about it, what else would the Christian walk be, if not a life lived in communion with our adoptive Father?  That requires praying at all times.

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