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God's Plan

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope

- Jeremiah 29:11

God's Overall Plan in a 20 Minute Read
By: Duane Gilchris
What we know about God and His creation is from the Bible, which has been proven to be true with much evidence. So, this summary will reflect the conclusions that serious believers have drawn from the Bible, not my own or other's opinions.First God is Holy, righteous, all-knowing, has been for all eternity past and has had a perfect plan in His mind that has been revealed in the Bible. 

This plan will finally be the BEST that you can imagine for God and for those who trust Him.So, we know that He created the angels to serve and worship Him of their own free will. (He did not want automatons, forced to do His will). So, His plan allowed for them to fail (sin). The most glorious of these angels, Satan, became full of pride, led a rebellion among the angels and one third of them fell into that sin. God had no plan to save these sinners.
He allowed them to exist as demons under the leadership of Satan, awaiting a future eternal judgment. It may seem strange that a perfect righteous , all-powerful God would be faced with this "problem" of rebellion. But, the problem was (is) a piece of the perfect plan. God went forward with His plan's next step, to create the human race to live in a perfect environment. Again humans have free will to chose to obey God. (Not automatons). 
So, He used Satan and the demons to test the humans, and right away, they failed and also became sinners, and the environment was impacted by sin! However, with humans, He did not leave them in a "fixed" state of lostness as He did Satan and the demons. In His plan there would be forgiveness and redemption for the humans, if they chose to accept His love and salvation.
A piece of His plan was to allow humans to live within His rules (Law) as best they could, for quite a bit of time, trying in various ways to overcome the problems that their sin had brought upon them. God also allowed Satan and his demonic horde to have access to the humans to further test their ability to live successfully within the problems they had brought upon themselves. Now, from the first point of their sinning, God began to promise that He would eventually send a Redeemer who would save them from their sins.
This Redeemer was going to die for them, shedding His blood, a requirement for forgiveness. This coming death and sacrifice was constantly kept before them by instructing them to regularly sacrifice the choicest of their animals, picturing the coming Redeemer. And wonder of wonders, this Redeemer was going to be God Himself. Now, God had other things to do in addition to the redemption of the human race, such as, keeping the universe going successfully etc.
So while He wanted to make the GREATEST act of LOVE we can imagine, dying in my place so that I can be forgiven, He also had to run the universe! There was a solution built into His perfect plan! We know from the Bible that God is One being made up of three persons, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. So the Son could die for us while the Father continued to rule and sustain the universe.
Finally God executed this major piece of His plan. He sent His Son to be born of a human mother, to live in this wicked world, live a sinless life, demonstrate that He is (was) the Son of God by showing His power over sickness, even over death. Also, exerting power over nature etc. Then, the majority of the humans, under the influence of Satan and his demons, completely rejected this perfect "man-God" and fulfilled the most important piece of the plan by killing their Creator God, making the perfect, required sacrifice for sin! The next, equally, important piece of the plan was His resurrection from the dead!
So, Jesus Christ, God Himself, lived among us for about 40 days, was seen by over 500 persons, left instructions with His followers to spread this great good news among all people. And then He was taken up into Heaven, assuring His followers that He would return and would then complete the plan. He would finally make the permanent division between the evil beings, Satan, his demons and the Christ rejecting humans, into eternal Hell.And the holy beings, His faithful angels, and the redeemed believing humans from all ages, will gather together with Him, into His eternal Heaven.
Now, to date it has taken about 7000 years on the earth to work out His plan. It appears that we are living in the time when God will soon complete His overall plan! Those humans who rejected His plan in times past are spiritually dead awaiting their certain eternal doom. Those who accepted God's plan of redemption are spiritually alive with God awaiting the final fulfillment of His eternal glorious plan for them!

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