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Study Notes

Walking in the Spirit

Galatians 5:25 -If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit

Series Outline: 

  1. Who is the Spirit?

  2. The Spirit in Conversion

  3. The Indwelling Spirit

  4. The Empowering Spirit

  5. The Fruit of the Spirit

  6. The Gifts of the Spirit

  7. Walking in the Spirit

  8. Walking by Faith

  9. The Scriptures and the Spirit

  10. Obedience

  11. Glorifying Jesus

  12. Praying in the Spirit

  13. Filled with the Spir

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1.  Introduction ~ we are called upon to obey the commandments of God 

2.  Context ~ our text today is deceptively simple Rom 8:14 

     2.1.  the context is continuity w/the Hebrew Scriptures Joel 2:28-32 

     2.2.  these promises now include the non-Jew as well Gal 4:4-5 

3.  Our Calling ~ is to follow as the Spirit leads Rom 8:14 

     3.1.  we set aside all that previously defined us Gal 2:20 

             3.1.1.  we must turn from the deeds of the body Rom 8:13 

     3.2.  Christianity is about new life gained through faith Rom 10:9-11 

             3.2.1.  then the Spirit makes us God’s children Rom 8:14-15 

4.  Background ~ so let’s start to examine the text in detail Rom 8:14

     4.1.  “for as many” is the translated from a single word-(ὅσοι) [hŏʹ sŏĭ]

     4.2.  what’s happening to these people is what’s really interesting  

             4.2.1.  the 1 w/faith in Jesus is indwelt by the Spirit Eph 2:20-22

                our thoughts & attitudes begin to change Rom 12:2 

             4.2.2.  His plan & will is that we become new creations Gal 6:15 

5.  Leading & Empowering ~ follows Rom 8:23  Rom 8:14 

6.  Being “Led” ~ the word used is (ἄγονται) [ăʹ gŏn tī], meaning to lead

     6.1.  Paul uses the same word in Gal 5:18 in parallel w/ Gal 5:16 

             6.1.1.  we go back to God’s nature as 1 of love 1 John 4:10

     6.2.  we live as God intended for us to live 1 Peter 1:13-16 

7.  Living as Children of God ~ is the result as proof Rom 8:14  Ez 36:27 

8.  Application ~ we’re being called upon to surrender ourselves in faith

     8.1.  this is both an act of the will & an act of surrender Luke 11:9-10 

     8.2.  we throw all that we are on God, holding nothing back

     8.3.  we trust that He is present & that He will lead us 

             8.3.1.  I challenge you to do this & see what God can do  


For Contemplation:

What do I feel in my spirit when I think about the need to obey God?


Homiletical Idea:

We must obey the leading of the Spirit if we claim to be Christians.


For Prayer:

Father, my heart is rebellious, grant me both the will & power to obey You.

Sermon Outline

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