Church Services Under Covid-19

Phase 3 Instructions

  • If you feel ill, please leave the services and go home.  

    • If you are running a fever contact your healthcare provider.


  • The Washington State Department of Health recommends that you wear a face mask at all times while you are in the building.

    • Note that the church leadership we will not seek to force anyone to wear a face mask.


  • Please, as much as is possible, maintain social distancing, allowing six feet between you and the people around you who are not members of your family unit.

    • This will be about two arm-lengths.


  • When being seated in the sanctuary, maintain a distance of three chair widths between you and the next family unit.

    • The rows have been staggered across the center aisle to provide about six feet between seats.

    • The seating rows in the sanctuary are spaced to provide six feet between you and the row in front of you.


  • Note that the state guidelines allow us to seat approximately 50 people per service, if we can maintain social distancing.