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Bible Study

Bible Study

Life Groups (Bible Study groups) will come and go through the year but generally meet together weekly for Christian fellowship, prayer, and Bible study.  There are currently several Life Groups available to anyone interested in attending.  Please see Pastor John for specific days, times, and topics.  

In general, there are mid-week Bible studies going on, of course the Sunday School hour is focused on biblical studies, and then our Life Groups also have a Bible Study component.  See the bullet for Life Groups for more details about those.

The objectives for our Bible studies include:


  • Study Scripture - The main objective of this ministry is to provide a small group setting where the Scriptures can be examined, discussed, and applied to our daily lives--thus building us up to maturity, that we might be made complete in Christ (Colossian 1:28).

  • Build Relationships - Fellowship includes building relationships, being accountable to one another, and hospitality. Christianity is modeled in these groups and each person is a contributor and participant who adds diversity to the body. Many lasting friendships have developed through Bible study groups.

  • Pray Together - At each study, a time is set aside for sharing praises, requests, and needs with one another and then praying for and about them. Sometimes the prayer time (or perhaps the entire study) focuses on praising and thanking the Lord for His mercies.

  • Serve the Body - Ministry is a broad term. As people grow in their relationship to Christ through the study and application of God's Word, a desire to serve others develops. Many serving opportunities are available within Home Bible Studies and a Home Bible Study is also a great place to learn about the ministries at Bridge Community Church.

Profitable Bible study involves more than just opening to a chapter and reading what's there. Here are six guidelines to help you make the most of your study of the Bible.

1. Set aside a regular time. Unless you schedule it, you'll
​neglect it.

2. Before you start reading, ask God for help and understanding.

3. Carefully think about what you are reading. The treasures of the Bible seldom lie like pebbles on the surface. To mine the gold, you have to dig.

4. Before you decide what a passage means to you, try to understand what the author was saying to the original readers.

5. Write down at least one truth or principle you can put into practice.

6. Don't get discouraged. Some parts of the Bible are difficult to understand, but there's much that you can understand. And if you apply what you've learned, it will revolutionize your life.

Keep these principles in mind and use this method whenever you study God's Word. If you do, you will begin to discover the treasures of the Bible.


Children's Church

Kid’s Church is available every sunday.   Ages 4 through 11 will accompany their parents into the sanctuary for worship and will be released to Kid’s Church at the start of the teaching time (usually about 10:45 a.m.).

NOTE:  The kids church program will be taking a break during the summer. It will end on may 31st and begin again on Sep 13th.  Other activities will be offered for the younger children through the summer.
nursery will continue to be available. 

What about Child Security? 

We take child security seriously. A thorough background investigation has been conducted on every person working with our children. If you have any concerns, please direct them to a greeter in the lobby. We want you and your children to feel safe and secure in our building. ​


Life Groups

Our Life groups are intended to be more than Bible studies. Bible study is important, and will be one component of the Life Groups, but the purpose of each Life group is to be a “holistic group.” That is, a place where we not only rightly study the Bible, but where the group works together to apply what they’re learning in practical ways.

Life Group members should be learning to serve each other, and as a group, to serve the greater community. The group should be a place where people are able to honestly share their needs and concerns, to discuss options, and to be safe in doing so. They should be a place where heartfelt prayer is shared, and a true sense of community is developed. The Life groups are intended to be the place where the essence, the reality, of church life is worked out in meaningful ways.

The curriculum for Life groups is both defined, and yet very open. The Board of Elders desire that group studies be based on the Bible. The materials used, execution, style, and format of the studies are being left to the discretion of each group. The objective of each course of study is to provide foundational teachings of the Christian faith… with the objective of life change.

Life Group Format
Group size, 6-15 people
Duration of group: 1 year, renewable as the group desires
Duration of meeting: Targeted to be about 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: Where ever works best, church, home, picnic table…
Start time: Selected by each group based on what meets their needs

General Meeting Schedule
Fellowship with refreshments – 20 minutes
Sharing – 10 minutes
Prayer – 10 minutes
Study – 30 minutes
Discussion – 20 minutes

Each group needs to understand that growth is anticipated. Groups are expected to remain “open” to new people joining. Over time any given group may need to divide into two groups. This is natural, expected, and a part of healthy organic growth.

Additional: Each group is encouraged to take up a service project on a periodic basis. The projects could include:
• Work around the church
• Service work for members of our congregation who need help
• Service projects in townThe only limit is your own imagination

Where to Start
We are currently exploring the need for additional life groups. Are you interested in joining an existing group, or being a part of a new one? Simply express an interest to Pastor John or one of the Elders.


Nursery Care


Our Nursery is available throughout the service and is open to all children ages 0 through 3.  Ages 4 through 11 should accompany their parents into the sanctuary for worship time (singing), and will be released to Kid’s Church at the start of the teaching time.  Click HERE for more information on "Kids Church"

Nursery = 0 through Age 3 - We offer a nursery for babies through age 3 for all church wide events. Nursing moms are welcome to use our nursery room to feed your baby. If you need another location, please ask an attendant in the nursery for assistance.

What about Child Security? 

We take child security seriously. A thorough background investigation has been conducted on every person working with your children. If you have any concerns, please direct them to a greeter in the lobby. We want you and your children to feel safe and secure in our building. 


Sunday School


Please Join us at the church every Sunday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m for Adult Sunday School currently being led by Fred Burgdorf and David Bauer.   Don't worry about droping in any Sunday - there's no beginning and no end unless the rapture occurs.  All are welcome!


Women's Fellowship


Women’s Fellowship – A time when ladies of all ages meet together on the second Saturday of each month, September-June, from 10:00 - 12:00. We start with a brunch-like meal, followed by a devotional speaker, and one of the ladies gives a testimony.  It’s a perfect time to get to know one another better.

In June and December we have special meetings. June is our Ladies Friendship Tea, from 1:00 - 3:00; and December is Mugs and Muffins, from 10:00 -12:00.


Youth Programs

How is God working in your life?
Bridge Youth Group meets Mondays from 6-8 at the church.  Dinner is provided at 6pm with games, a bible based discussion, and fellowship time. Ages 12-18 welcome. The first Monday of the month we have  Monday Movie Night, we enjoy outings that include, concerts and camping. All are welcome.  For questions contact Christie Johnson