Communion Order of Service

As we prepare for Communion this morning there are a few things that you should to keep in mind:

  1. For those who need to be cautious about alcohol, be aware that we use grape juice.  

  2. Bridge Community Church practices an open communion.  This means that you need not be a member of this congregation to participate.

  3. Through our sharing in Communion together we proclaim the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  This is His command to His followers until He returns.

  4. As we do this, it should be a time for contemplation.  We intentionally set this time aside to remember what Jesus did for us.  We take this time to examine ourselves, to listen to the Holy Spirit, to confess and turn from any sin He may reveal, and we then renew our dedication to Jesus as Savior and Lord.

  5. This is a sacred moment.  During this time we meet with God.  We enter into His presence in a unique and powerful way.  We are bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds in a way we cannot fully comprehend.

  6. Because we enter into the presence of a Holy God, communion is only for those who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  


Instructions: The process will be as follows:

  1. Pastor John will read Galatians 4:3-6.

  2. Pastor John will invite people to come forward, down the center aisle.  At the front, take the bread and the cup, and then return to your seats by walking around to the outside aisles.  

  3. While this is happening, use this time for reflection, adoration, and praise to your Savior.  If the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, use this time to confess and repent.

  4. Pastor John will pray for the bread, and then we will take the bread together as a family.

  5. Following this, Pastor John pray for the cup, and we will take the cup together as a family.

  6. Please dispose of the empty cups and dishes by placing them in the trash container at the back of the sanctuary when you leave.