March 31, 2020

Dear Church Family,

The spread of the coronavirus continues, as of Monday there were five confirmed cases in Mason County.  As most of you are already aware, the restrictions on gatherings have been tightened to a shelter at home proclamation by Governor Inslee.  Here’s an update on where we are right now:

  1. All Sunday church services are suspended.  Based on comments President Trump made on Monday, it is likely this will continue through the end of April.  The Elders will monitor the situation and try to keep everyone posted as things change.  

    1. We are continuing to record the sermon in both audio alone or video and posting it on our website,  We are also posting it on our Facebook page.  Dan is working hard to make sure the sermon is available by Sunday Morning.

    2. The pastor provides a short review of the sermon each week under the “Pastor Says” heading on the website.

    3. Pastor John will continue to be on our church’s Facebook page Sunday mornings from 9:30 – 11:00 for live discussions on whatever topics comes up.  

    4. We are exploring the feasibility of “Zooming” (that’s live streaming) the Sunday School study on how we got our Bibles.  Details are being looked at, and we’ll keep you posted.

    5. We are also exploring a “Zoomed” live streaming study in Galatians sometime during the week.  More details to follow.

  2. All church sponsored Youth/Thrive activities remain suspended, again, the Elders will monitor the situation and try to keep the affected people up to date.  Christie Johnson, our Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries, is working hard to stay in contact with our young people.  Contact her if you have any questions or suggestions,

  3. The prayer meeting on Wednesday evening is rescheduled for 4:00 PM and will be handled through Zoom video conferencing.  More details will be sent out on this. 

  4. At this point all of the Life Groups continue to take a break.

  5. Men’s Breakfast and the Ladies’ Fellowship gatherings are suspended.

  6. Resurrection Sunday services and all the events around that remain in question.  We are exploring live-streaming the worship service and sermon, but there are some audio details that still need to be investigated.  We’ll keep you posted as things unfold.

  7. Pastor John will continue to work from the church in order to be available for people needing help from our pantry, as well as being a point of contact if anyone needs help.

  8. In addition to Pastor John calling people to make sure they’re OK, the Elders will also be calling on our church family to make sure you are OK.

Other issues to be aware of:

  1. Pantry: our pantry recently received supplies, but we are still in need of canned meats and vegetables.  If you can help that would be great.  As you might expect, we are beginning to receive requests for toilet paper and toiletries.  If you have extras, the panty can use them.

  2. Giving: Many in our congregation have been faithful in continuing to support the church, THANK YOU!  A couple weeks ago the situation seemed pretty grim.  I am praising God for your continued faithfulness.  Tithes, offerings, and gifts, can be made to the church through our website,, or they can be mailed to Bridge Community Church, at 500 E North Island Drive, Shelton WA, 98584, or Pastor John will be at the office most of the time and you can just drop offerings off there (we’ll maintain “social distancing” ☺).  Call ahead and make sure he’ll be there if you want to drop your offerings off at the church.

Church Support available:

  1. If you are uncomfortable going into town, or if you are ill, and need help getting prescriptions or groceries, contact the church at 360-426-6352 and we’ll make arrangements to get what you need picked up.

  2. Pastor John is still available for visitation although we would need to discuss the risks to you before he makes a visit.  If you would like a visit please let him know, and we can talk about how best to do this.

  3. Our prayer network is keyed up and ready, contact Carol McGraw at

  4. If you have specific needs, please call Pastor John and we’ll see what we can work out, the number at the church office is 360-426-6352.

We will keep you posted as things develop.  We’ll be communicating through Facebook, our website, and email.  It is conceivable that this will be going on for some time, let’s take advantage of the time to renew our relationship with the Lord.

Pastor John ☺